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  RMA instructions
Warranty period Two years. Older ALIX / WRAP boards will be repaired if possible.
Marking Do NOT mark products or boxes with a pen. Do NOT apply adhesive tape (not ESD safe). Apply removable labels or post-its to a safe location, e.g. the Ethernet connectors. No serial number label, no warranty...
Fault description Do include a brief fault description (in English) with the defective product. Let us know if you need to preserve the MAC ID for software licensing. If a fault is intermittent or hard to duplicate, please be specific. We cannot read your mind.
Packing You are returning electronic assemblies, not vegetables - please pack properly. Place each board into a separate ESD safe bag (pink = static dissipative, black metallic = static shielding). Clear bubble wrap or plain plastic bags are not ESD safe, and will void the warranty. Use the original cardboard sleeves or something similar to to protect the boards from outside impact and each other.
Enclosures Please send boards only, no enclosures.
RMA number To get an RMA number, please order 1 x rma (last item) in our web order form, and enter your mailing address and contact information. The order number (w...) becomes your RMA number, and helps us track your return.
Customs declaration Postal shipments require a green CN22 customs label (available at your post office) on the outside of the package. Please declare as "computer parts, defective" with a low, but NON-ZERO value (e.g. USD 10). We have to pay customs handling fees for shipments with a value over ~ USD 50 / EUR 35. WE MAY REFUSE ACCEPTANCE OF SHIPMENTS THAT DON'T FOLLOW THIS RULE !
Ship to Please ship the defective parts, postage / freight prepaid, to:

PC Engines GmbH
Flughofstr. 58
8152 Glattbrugg

Phone: +41 43 321 2179
VAT: 555610 / ZAZ 8530-3 (please include this for Fedex / UPS / DHL etc to avoid customs clearance fees).
Recommended shipping methods From the US I recommend USPS Global Priority Mail, use flat rate envelopes for best rates. From Germany, please avoid DPD / GLS - high customs handling charges.
Patience... Please be patient, both repair and international shipping will take some time. We will ship repaired / replaced boards by regular or registered air mail.
Questions ? Please contact rma1207@pcengines.ch.
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