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WRAP Enclosures

To ensure EMI compliance, the WRAP boards should be packaged in a shielded enclosure. In a pinch, even a metal cookie tin could do (eat contents first).

WRAP.1 series: PC Engines offers a simple aluminum enclosure for the WRAP.1 boards. Front view - Rear view - Available colors: clear, red and black anodized aluminum.

Meconet rack-mount enclosure
A customer's alternative (in German).

WRAP.2 series: mini-box.com die-cast outdoor enclosure. Sales contact: sales@mini-box.com . Another supplier for outdoor enclosures: Acconet (plastic, not shielded).

WRAP.2 series: PC Engines now offers an indoor enclosure for the 100 x 160 mm WRAP boards. Off-the-shelf enclosures for this format can also be used as long as the card guide can accomodate the tall bottom side components. For example, EFG 1 by proMa will work - available through Reichelt.

WRAP power supply

WRAP is designed for a input voltage of 7V to 18V DC. Power can be supplied through a DC jack (2.1 mm, center positive, sleeve negative), or through the first LAN port (passive Power over Ethernet). If using Power over Ethernet, a regulated supply voltage of 18V is recommended to minimize cable losses.

PC Engines offers AC adapters in European and UK versions only, no US adapters. Some possible suppliers for USA version include Digi-Key (USA), Mouser (USA), Jameco (USA).

Power over Ethernet can be injected using a passive power over Ethernet injector such as PC Engines POE.1A.

Demarc Technology has a nice POE voltage drop calculator. Keep in mind that WRAP input power is fairly constant over input voltage - when the input voltage drops, the current goes up. Power = voltage * current.

Please contact PC Engines to get your accessory products listed here. PC Engines will not be liable for problems or weight gain resulting from these recommendations.

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