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ac18veur AC adapter with euro plug
Status active
Part numbers ac18veur = AC adapter, euro plug, RoHS compliant
Spec Compact size AC adapter, saves space on power strips. Input voltage 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Output voltage 18 V DC, maximum current 1.2A. High efficiency. Jack inner diameter 2.1 mm, outer diameter 5.5 mm, center positive.
Compliance CE marked
Note WRAP / ALIX boards have very low ESR input capacitors. To avoid arcing on the DC jack, please plug in the DC jack first, then plug the AC adapter into mains.
Old versions Taiwan Lynx SE180080 - last batch was unreliable, discontinued.

Rong Horng / Taiwan Lynx RHF-180080-8C - reliable, but not compatible with APC UPS.

Manufacturer Shenzhen Jiaming Power (AJM), part number C1024180AV1.
Origin China
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