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assy2 System preassembly service with packaging
Part numbers assy = Preassembly service
assy2 = Preassembly service with packing box
Description We can preassemble our systems on request.

Please keep in mind that our staff and production capacity is limited. There may be some delay depending on our workload.

Packaging With option assy, the assembled system is packaged in the cardboard sleeve that our boards come in. Good protection for shipping, but will not inspire any unboxing videos.

With option assy2, the individual systems are packaged in a brown cardboard box with enough space for a euro or US AC adapter and - if need be - LAN cable. Outer dimension 265 x 195 x 50 mm. The increased volume may drive up shipping cost a bit.

Labeling We can print and attach serial number / MAC ID / name plate labels on request for larger orders.
Flash imaging We can duplicate flash based on your master, but normally recommend that you do this step on your side (e.g. boot tinycore Linux from a USB stick, and dd the image from there).
Manufacturer PC Engines
Origin Switzerland
Photo Some of the tools we use for system assembly.
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