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dcma82 802.11 a/b/g miniPCI wifi module
Status EOL, available while supplies last
Part numbers dcma82 = DCMA82 miniPCI radio card, MMCX connectors, commercial temperature
dcma82i = DCMA82 miniPCI radio card, MMCX connectors, industrial temperature
Use with mmcxnf / mmcxsma / mmcxterm
Note Will not fit in box2c enclosure / alix3* bottom side slot / alix6b / alix6e.
Note Wistron recommends placing a terminator on unused ports, e.g. mmcxterm.
Data sheet PDF
Chipset Atheros AR5414
Connector MMCX
Note Wireless radio cards are ESD sensitive, especially the RF switch and the power amplifier. To avoid damage by electrostatic discharge, the following installation procedure is recommended:
  • Touch your hands and the bag containing the radio card to a ground point on the router board (for example one of the mounting holes). This will equalize the potential of radio card and router board.
  • Install the radio card in the miniPCI socket.
  • Install the pigtail cable in the cutout of the enclosure. This will ground the pigtail to the enclosure.
  • Touch the I-PEX connector of the pigtail to the mounting hole (discharge), then plug onto the radio card.
  • Use external lightning protection for outdoor applications.
Compliance DCMA82 is a high power card, not conforming with CE. Intended for professional use.
Warranty 1 year. No serial number label, no warranty. To read the date code, see label. Warranty identification: ex. C03951500112C01 / C039-Model Name / 5-2005 Year / 15-Week15 / 00112C01-Sequence number
Manufacturer Wistron Neweb
Origin Taiwan
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