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Documentation Please see the individual product pages for manuals, schematics etc.
info@pcengines.ch Email support.
RMA information How to do an RMA with us.
ZIP archive of the support forum Excuse the quaint backup solution. Will not move to a new server given the low traffic.
r/PCEngines Very sleepy subreddit.
BIOS BIOS information.
OS installation Basic hints on how to install typical operating systems.
pfSense / OPNsense How to install the popular pfSense / OPNsense firewall distributions.
IPFire Linux-based firewall alternative.
TinyCore Linux We like TinyCore Linux as a testing tool, for flash updates etc.
Voyage Linux Voyage Linux is another small distribution, good for our older boards.
CentOS Full-featured Linux distribution.
Ubuntu Linux Full featured Linux distribution.
ESXi If you need virtualization.
Disk Images Use at your own risk.
FreeDOS FreeDOS can be useful for flash update and test on WRAP and ALIX boards.
Heat spreader installation On our apu series boards, the CPU / south bridge are passively cooled. Correct installation of the heat spreader is required for stable operation.
Serial console Tips to make the serial console on our boards work.
Add-on cards Some information on miniPCI express add-on cards.
3G/LTE modems Please be very careful about installing modem modules on apu2 series boards, as pinout conflicts can inadvertently create a 100 MHz transmitter.
MAC ID The MAC IDs of our boards are tied to the board serial number.
GPIO / I2C How to use GPIO.
Archive Take a look around our dusty attic.
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