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TinyCore Linux USB installer
Why ? Setup of a bootable drive to support apu flash upgrades can be a bit tricky. TinyCore Linux is a small system that boots up quite quickly. The apu board can boot TinyCore from an USB memory stick or from an SD card in the internal slot.
Installation from Windows Run the installer apu-tinycore-usb-installer.exe.
Installation from Linux or MacOS Format the memory stick / SD card with a FAT file system, then make it bootable with syslinux. Finally extract the files found in apu_tinycore.tar.bz2 to the target device.
Flash update flashrom and the latest apu BIOS file are included in our image. Later BIOS files can be copied to the root directory of the FAT file system - our TinyCore setup will automatically mount the file system and set the current directory there.

To update the BIOS, enter e.g. flashrom -w apu140401.rom

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