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wlm200nx 802.11 a/b/g/n miniPCI radio
Status EOL
Part numbers wlm200nx = Compex WLM200NX miniPCI radio card, I-Pex connectors
Data sheet Compex WLM200NX
Chipset Atheros AR9220 - please check whether your OS supports this device before you place your order. Linux -> ath9k, requires recent kernel (e.g. 2.6.37). BSD -> limited support (802.11g) in FreeBSD 9.0, 802.11n in development. Seems to work with pfSense 2.1.
Connector I-Pex / u.fl
Note Wireless radio cards are ESD sensitive, especially the RF switch and the power amplifier. To avoid damage by electrostatic discharge, the following installation procedure is recommended:
  • Touch your hands and the bag containing the radio card to a ground point on the router board (for example one of the mounting holes). This will equalize the potential of radio card and router board.
  • Install the radio card in the miniPCI socket.
  • Install the pigtail cable in the cutout of the enclosure. This will ground the pigtail to the enclosure.
  • Touch the I-PEX connector of the pigtail to the mounting hole (discharge), then plug onto the radio card.
  • Use external lightning protection for outdoor applications.
Compliance FCC & CE. Intended for professional use.
Warranty 1 year.
Manufacturer Compex
Origin China
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