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WRAP Wireless Router Application Platform
Summary: The PC Engines WRAP system board gives network OEMs a cost-effective SBC platform for their value-added software, such as wireless routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, industrial Ethernet, or other special purpose network devices.
Status: WRAP is END OF LIFE, as the AMD SC1100 CPU is no longer available.

Why ? National (the original designer of AMD Geode SC1100) wanted to free up their fab for other products. AMD understandably did not want to spend scarce design resources on porting this legacy product to another process.

CPU: 233 MHz AMD Geode SC1100 CPU (fast 486 core)
DRAM: 64 or 128 MB SDRAM
Storage: Operating system and application stored on CompactFlash card (not included).
Power: Not much ! About 3 to 5W at 12V DC (excluding miniPCI cards), supplied through DC jack or passive Power over Ethernet (not IEEE 802.3af compliant). Acceptable voltage range +7V to +18V DC.
Management: Watchdog timer built into CPU; LM77 thermal monitor stops system on excessive temperature.
User interface: Three front panel LEDs, one pushbutton switch, can be controlled through CPU GPIO pins (no switch on WRAP.2C). Console I/O redirected to serial port.
Expansion: LPC bus for adding serial ports, ISA style I/O, GPIO etc. I2C bus for user interface, software lock devices etc.
Connectivity: 1 to 3 Ethernet channels (National DP83816), 2 or 1 miniPCI slots (cards not included), 1 serial port (console).
Models: WRAP.1E-1 = 2 LAN / 2 miniPCI, 6" x 6"
WRAP.1E-2 = 3 LAN / 1 miniPCI, 6" x 6"
WRAP.2E1 = 1 LAN / 2 miniPCI, 64 MB DRAM, 100 x 160 mm
WRAP.2E3 = 1 LAN / 2 miniPCI, 128 MB DRAM, 100 x 160 mm
Resources: Manual (PDF)
OEM: OEM discounts available. Custom build options for larger quantities: DRAM size, Ethernet, serial, front panel LEDs and switch, buzzer, RTC battery, custom BIOS adaptation.
Updates: WRAP.1E: Some slight changes to reduce susceptibility against transients, add footprint for optional buzzer, optional battery, IDE DMA support.
BIOS: WRAP includes PC Engines tinyBIOS on board. Version 1.11 BIOS upgrade (fixed reset timing to support Atheros single chip radios). Please review README.TXT before doing the deed ! If you can't get into setup, please disable serial port hardware handshake in your terminal emulator. Also see how to make a FreeDOS boot disk for help. For posterity, full WRAP BIOS source is now available.
Software: Operating system and application software to be supplied by customer...
FreeBSD Monowall (FreeBSD based)
pfSense (derived from Monowall, see tutorial)
Linux AspisOS (security & size optimized, buildroot-based)
AstLinux (including Asterisk PBX)
EmbCop (ready to use IPCOP image)
fli4l (ready to use router, in German)
GNAP (Gentoo Linux based)
iMedia WRAP Linux
K240 Linux (Gentoo based, in Czech)
ME2000 (Linux wireless node based on LEAF)
Locustworld MeshAP
Pebble Linux
Metrix Pyramid (Ubuntu Linux based)
Voyage Linux (Debian based, derived from Pebble Linux)
Zeroshell Linux
How-to for VPN / Linux from the kernel up
NetBSD NetBSD (latest version includes patches needed for WRAP)
sbsd simplified NetBSD installer
OpenBSD OpenBSD flashboot
WRAP for war driving... (in German)
Commercial StarOS
Ikarus OS
CafeRadius hotspot controller
MITC MeshAP for Willox
STYX (FreeBSD based Secure Internet Appliances, in German)
Wisper MeshAP adaptation
Qorvus Qcode™
Apliware (free beta test)
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