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ALIX system boards (EOL)
Summary: The PC Engines ALIX series of system boards gives OEMs a higher performance replacement for the WRAP series of system boards.

ALIX is EOL - please consider our apu2 platform instead.

Applications: Thin clients, kiosks, industrial user interface, wireless routers, firewalls, special purpose network devices... Take a look at our customer showcase to see some applications.
CPU: 433 (LX700) or 500 MHz (LX800) AMD Geode LX CPU - cache = 64KB instruction + 64KB data + 128KB L2 - integrated crypto accelerator
DRAM: 128 or 256 MB DDR SDRAM (333 or 400 MHz clock)
Storage: Operating system and application stored on CompactFlash card (not included).
Power: Surf the web on about 5W of 12V DC power using ALIX.1C as a thin client !
Expansion: LPC bus for adding serial ports, ISA style I/O, GPIO etc. I2C bus for user interface, software lock devices etc.
Connectivity: 1 to 3 Ethernet channels (Via VT6105M), 2 or 1 miniPCI slots (cards not included), 1 serial port (console).
Model  CPU  DRAM  LAN  miniPCI  PCI  USB  other  BIOS  size 
alix1e LX800 256MB 1 1 1 2 VGA, audio, PS/2, LPT, GPIO Award miniITX
alix2f18 LX800 256MB 2 2 0 2 internal USB tinyBIOS 6x6"
alix2d3 LX800 256MB 3 1 0 2 tinyBIOS 6x6"
alix2f13 LX800 256MB 3 1 0 2 add battery, I2C, COM2, internal USB header tinyBIOS 6x6"
alix3d2 LX800 256MB 1 2 0 2 tinyBIOS 100x160mm
alix3d3 LX800 256MB 1 2 0 2 VGA, audio Award 100x160mm
alix6j2 LX800 256MB 2 1 0 2 miniPCI express tinyBIOS 6x6"
Support info: alix1 series / alix2/3/6 series
FreeBSD FreeBSD (on older versions, may need to disable USB 2.0 in BIOS, or disable the EHCI driver; FreeBSD 7.x works ok; FreeBSD 8.x may require disabling ACPI)
FreeNAS (use embedded version, Physdiskwrite to write compressed image to CF card).
Monowall (FreeBSD based, use version 1.3, use Physdiskwrite to write compressed image to CF card) - no longer supported, use OPNsense instead.
OPNsense (FreeBSD based)
pfSense (FreeBSD based)
Linux Alix Rescue Ubuntu based live rescue and preinstallation system for PXE or bundled deployment.
AstLinux - Asterisk centric Linux with firewall and VPN support
CentOS - prepared image and instructions
Debian for Alix (ready to use image)
fli4l one disk router (in German)
IPFire firewall
LEAF Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall
Jeoss "just enough OS" (Ubuntu based)
OpenWRT (working with Kamikaze version)
Slackware Linux
Ubuntu Linux - German HOW-TO for CF installation
Voyage Linux (slimmed down Debian) (*)
Xubuntu Linux (customer reported success with 8.04).
NetBSD NetBSD (versions 4, 5) installation tips
OpenBSD OpenBSD (X11 and audio support in 4.3-current)
flashdist OpenBSD installer
flashrd OpenBSD installer
Halon Security Router
Others FreeDOS (useful for debug and BIOS updates)
memtest86+ memory test (bootable CF image)
Commercial Askozia VOIP PBX
Ikarus OS
Meteohub weather server
Microsoft Windows XP Home (ALIX.1D / ALIX.3D3)
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
Mikrotik RouterOS
Siam Embedded StarOS
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