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coreboot for apu2/3/4/6 pcengines.github.io - all apu BIOS versions with release notes.

To update the BIOS, please install our tinyCore Linux image on a USB stick. Copy the desired image files to the USB stick. Then boot the board from USB and run flashrom.

Use the SPI1A flash recovery module for bricked boards.

coreboot updates Given high cost, lack of useful improvements and the upcoming board EOL, we have discontinued BIOS updates.

Paid support is available from 3mdeb.

To build an updated image from source, start with the apu2 Image Builder.

coreboot for apu1 Dusty deck... Please be careful, we don't have any more LPC1AAPU debricking modules in stock - 16 Mbit LPC flash is EOL.

Voyage Linux image with toolchain to build the BIOS
SageBios source 20140401
SageBios source 20140405

tinyBIOS for alix1d / alix3d3 These boards use AwardBIOS, no source available. If you don't need VGA / AC97 audio, you can use tinyBIOS on these boards.
tinyBIOS for alix Prepare a CF card with this FreeDOS image, add the v0.99m BIOS files. Then boot from the CF card and execute sb.com.

The BIOS can also be uploaded by Xmodem. Use alix2.upd for alix2, alix3.upd for alix3d2.

To debrick alix boards, we have the LPC.1A flash recovery module. Please mention what type of alix board you need it for.

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