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msata16a 16GB mSATA SSD module
Status EOL, see notes below ! Unreliable even with the new firmware, we will exchange with different SSD modules on request.
Part numbers msata16a = 16 GB mSATA SSD module, MLC flash, RoHS compliant (on HOLD).
msata16b = same with updated firmware (TRIM function disabled, + mark on the label)
Spec 16 GB mSATA SSD, Skymedi SK6368 controller, MLC flash.
Use with apu1, apu2 series boards.
Note msata16a on shipment hold. Some customer reported problems leading to data loss, e.g. with Sophos UTM. We suspect that it is related to the TRIM function included in modern file systems (e.g. Linux EXT4).

We have finally received a firmware update from our supplier. Customers may return modules to us for firmware reprogramming (data is lost), or for full credit.

Modules reprogrammed by us can be recognized by a + mark on the label.

Note The metal latch sockets on apu boards don't always latch as nicely as they should. Please make sure the latch is properly seated to avoid cards unsocketing during shipment of assembled systems.
Note mSATA and miniPCI express slots look exactly the same, but the SSD will only work in a mSATA slot. Please read the friendly board manual...
Manufacturer Richmax Technology
Origin China
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