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Order number To ensure prompt shipment, please always include the invoice number (e.g. w61234) as a message with your payment ! Unidentified payments will delay delivery until we figure out who sent us money...
Currencies We have accounts in CHF, EUR and USD. Please THINK and pick the right account / currency to avoid unnecessary bank and currency conversion fees.
Credit card payment in CHF / EUR / USD
Invoice number (e.g. w9999)
Currency USD EUR CHF
I accept PC Engines Terms & Conditions.
Pay by MC/Visa credit card
CHF bank For our customers in Switzerland.

Name = PC Engines GmbH
Account = IBAN CH5309000000875269089 QR code
Bank = Postfinance

CHF transfer by Wise For many countries, Wise (formerly Transferwise) is a good option to make international payments. Destination currency must be CHF, please ask us to generate the proforma invoice accordingly.

Name = PC Engines GmbH, IBAN CH5309000000875269089
Bank = Postfinance, BIC POFICHBE

EUR bank Name = PC Engines GmbH
Address = In Huebwiesen 9, 8600 Dübendorf
IBAN = DE74600100700408905701
Bank = Postbank, Frankfurt, GERMANY
EUR check Not available, our bank does not handle paper checks any more.
USD bank Please note that USD bank transfers are rather expensive, and often subject to intermediary banks with sticky fingers.

Name = PC Engines GmbH
Address = In Huebwiesen 9, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland
IBAN = CH9409000000917014823
Bank = Postfinance, Mingerstr. 20, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
Please specify OUR / all charges for sender.
To avoid incorrect conversion to CHF by intermediary banks, include the message PAYMENT IN USD - DO NOT CONVERT.

USD check Not available, our bank does not deal with paper checks any more.
PayPal Possible by special arrangement ONLY. Please contact us for details.
How to save money
  • By EU regulation, a EUR bank transfer within the EU, using IBAN + BIC, for an amount under EUR 12500, cannot cost more than an equivalent transfer within your country. Specify costs shared (SHA).
  • PayPal payments can be expensive for both sides. They will charge you up to 4% for currency conversion. Credit card companies are usually more reasonable.
  • Please do not send mismatched currency (e.g. EUR to USD account, or vice versa) unless instructed by us.
  • Bank fees are usually lower for e-banking.
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