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  Electronics recycling
Customer obligations Do not discard electronic products in household trash !

All waste electronics equipment should be recycled properly. Actual procedures depend on your country.

Switzerland PC Engines pays VRG (advance recycling fee) to Swico for products sold within Switzerland.
Recycler information Information for the recycler:
  • PC Engines enclosures are made of Aluminum.
  • Batteries, if present, should be cut off or removed from the socket and recycled separately.
EU - a single market ? Far from it, there are separate registration and recycling schemes for each of the 28+ EU member jurisdictions (and even a few of their provinces). What part of COMMON MARKET was so hard to understand for EU lawmakers ?

Since there is no single registration available, and separate registration would involve mindboggling complexity, bureaucracy and costs, we do not sell to EU end users until the EU gets their act together. Please order from EU based distributors, or as a business customer.

Business customers are expected to meet their obligations by registering in the EU countries they sell in.

Environmental policy
Certifications As a small company, we don't have any ISO certifications. Many of our suppliers are ISO 14001 certified: EEC, Wistron Neweb, Wanshih, Shenzhen Jiaming Power Supply.
Shipping Air shipment is energy intensive - we try to use sea shipment for incoming freight when time allows, especially for heavy items like enclosures and AC adapters.
Operations Our offices are located in a well-insulated building. We upgraded the lighting with efficient electronic ballasts, and use natural light when sufficient. Waste such as cardboard, bottles and metals are recycled as far as possible. Here in Switzerland we have to pay a fee for each trash bag...
Packaging We try to minimize packaging as much as possible. We don't print fancy retail packages. We reuse shipping cartons and padding materials when possible.
Product design We design our products for small size and low power use.
Longevity We don't chase the bleeding edge - our focus is on products that perform in the long run.
Recyclability Our enclosures are made from easy to recycle materials such as aluminium.
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